Moutushi Künne

A MOMpreneur during the Day and A Blogger during the Night

my name is Moutushi and thank you for stopping by.
Expat Mom in Germany is a blog, where I write about Motherhood as an Expat and my experiences here in Germany.
A little about myself, I’m from India married to a German and we’re having two beautiful sons together. I’ve been in Germany for the past 5 years.
The toughest job in this world, I believe, is being a mom and what makes it more challenging is, when you are living away from your home country without any support system. (own Parents, Siblings, Relatives, etc.)
It’s not easy, but I must say I am lucky to have a great support system in the form of my husband and my in-laws.
Having said that, at times I still feel lost and lonely in this country.
In order to be integrated into this country, I had to change myself a lot, pick up new habits, forget old ones and basically rediscover myself at the age of 35.
This blog is just a documentation of my journey and I hope to be able to reach out to more Expat Moms to share thoughts and create a small community.